Kazuma Kuwabara Kazuma Kuwabara Kazuma Kuwabara

Welcome to my little shrine dedicated to the best man in my life,
Kazuma Kuwabara.
Bunni and Kuwabara together since 9/12/2015

Kazuma Kuwabara can be found in the anime series, Yu Yu Hakusho.

He is known as Kuwabara to friends (as well as everyone else) and as Kazuma to those he is closest to.

Kazuma is considered an S Class Psychic and is the strongest in the human world. He is an endless well of energy and manipulates his Spirit Energy into weapons his most prominent being the Spirit Sword.

He begins the series with a rough patch as with any fighting series he is obsessed with being the best. And in trying to beat Yusuke he is the self proclaimed second-toughest punk at Sarayashiki Junior High School and because of this he must challenge everyone.

As a person he goes through many challenges such as having to endure living with his sixth sense for the supernatural which lead him to with seeing and sensing ghosts from a very young age. Those ghosts span from harmless fox and tanuki spirits all the way to scary old ladies with hatchets.

After a time he grows weary of this as it does not allow him a good night's sleep and in going to a psychic teacher with the hopes of having the dial turned way down on these abilities he instead learns that he is able to harness the power of his spirit energy and mold it into any form he wants (which more often than not is a sword.)

He starts off the series with a bunch of very close friends, which I'm so happy to see him with and he defends them in every way possible. Whether it's walking through fire, fighting off a strong foe intent on killing or even buckling down to study to pass a test or face expulsion by the worlds worst teachers. As I said he develops so well and despite being seen as the butt to many jokes (poor Kazuma) he is the forever optimist and will always stand up for those he cares for. Which I can consider myself lucky to be included with that.

He has a great sense of humor and displays emotions all over the board and I love it when the big guy blushes and gets flustered. Also he's very tough and can take many hits, which means even a strong hug from me won't break him in half.

My name is Bunni and for me, Kazuma was there when I needed him the most. I studied his series after having revisited the Poltergeist Report Movie and the more I watched him the more amazing I found him to be. I spent time wishing for Kuwabara to notice me and I wanted to be there for him. To me he's a handsome man with a well rounded personality. He's intelligent and strong and is always trying to improve himself and we can do that with one another. He stands up for his friends, he defends me and he is far stronger than anyone gives him credit for. He can be serious when need be and has a sense of humor. Kazuma and I love each other very much. ♥

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